About Mira Boutique

Mira Boutique is active in the fashion industry and specifically in the field of women’s clothing and accessories since May 2017.

It has been a dream of two young, dynamic, decisive sisters who love fashion and style. The difference between fashion and style is Quality and it is what Mira focuses on.

Our history and the purpose

Our purpose is to provide high quality garments, flawless women clothing and accessories with plenty of choices inspired by high fashion aesthetics and global fashion trends to support the unique style of each and every one of you.

Mira’s creators support Greek & Cypriot designers by choosing unique, chic and always classy pieces created with passion and love. At Mira boutique a woman can find everything she needs, including clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories to make up a stylish outfit for every occasion.

Mira is found by their names “MA-ria” and “IR-ene” and it has hundreds of meanings in different languages for example wonderful, peace, goodness, kindness, ocean, sea, and light. Also, in Greek the word “Μοίρα” has the meaning of destiny, something that is meant to be and for them it was meant to be. Its logo consists of two semicircles where the one fits into the other. The smaller one symbolizes the youngest Irene and the bigger one the older sister Maria. As a whole, the logo creates a cycle, which embodies their connectivity and the fact that the one complements the other.

Who we are

Our aim

With mirabtq.com our aim is to come even closer to YOU, to all the #miragirls out there that love fashion as much as we do!
With new styles, fresh ideas and styling tips added daily to our website, we promise to make your fashion journey at mirabtq.com an unforgettable experience.
Our goal? STAY CHIC – STAY SEXY – STAY YOU in whatever you are wearing!

Welcome to mirabtq.com, you can also find us on Instagram (mira_btq) and Facebook (mirabtq1).
We wish you a pleasant shopping journey and always remember, it’s a choice not a chance that determines your “Μοίρα/ MIRA”.

With Love,
Maria & Irene